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10 questions about Health & Wellness
Question 1
Which vitamins are acquired through sunshine?
Vitamins A, C, D, & K Vitamins A & K
Vitamins D & K Vitamins A & C
Question 2
What is the chemical name for salt?
Scandium Sulphur
Sodium Chloride Seaborgium
Question 3
Aerobic exercise increases what?
Creativity Eyesight
Heart Rate Appetite
Question 4
When exercising, which of the following is a good idea?
A Training Partner Tight Fitting Clothes
Very Cold Room Temperature Snacks Close By
Question 5
How many principles of holistic medicine are there?
8 Principles 9 Principles
10 Principles 11 Principles
Question 6
What is the term used for a biofilm that builds up on the teeth?
Tartar Decay
Gingivitis Plaque
Question 7
Which area of the body has the largest bone?
Neck Leg
Arm Head
Question 8
What spice helps with nausea and motion sickness?
Ginger Cinnamon
Mustard Coriander
Question 9
What is another name for vitamin C?
Niacin Ascorbic Acid
Pyroxidine Riboflavin
Question 10
What is another name for the vitamin B1?
Folate Thiamine
Potassium Iron

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