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Quiz about stuff on TV
Question 1
In Modern Family, who is Claire's husband?
Jay Bob
Phil Mitchell
Question 2
In The Good Wife, what causes Alicia to return to her law career?
Her Husband's Death Her Son's Graduation
Her Mother's Death Her Husband's Scandal
Question 3
In Mad Men, who is Sterling Cooper's top dog?
Dom Donaldson Dave Douglas
Doug Devine Don Draper
Question 4
In Modern Family, who is Cameron's husband?
Mike Mitchell
Phil Jay
Question 5
What is the name of the high school in the TV show Glee?
Jeannie C Riley High Howard Taft High
William McKinley High William Jefferson High
Question 6
What does Will Schuester teach on Glee?
Spanish French
English Wood Shop
Question 7
What is the principal's name played by Iqbal Theba in Glee?
Principal Wormer Principal Figgins
Principal Welker Principal Riggins
Question 8
What song did Christina Aguilera & Beverly McClellan sing on season 1 of The Voice?
Lovesick In Your Dreams
Inventing Shadows Beautiful
Question 9
Who is the host of The Voice?
Mario Lopez Carson Daly
Mark Burnett Nick Cannon
Question 10
On which network does The Secret Life of the American Teenager air?

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