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10 hard questions about food
Question 1
Brussels sprouts are most commonly what color?
Yellow Orange
Green White
Question 2
Placing a green tomato into a paper bag helps it to do what?
Ripen Rot
Grow Get Mushy
Question 3
What Italian dessert is made from sweetened ricotta stuffed into crispy pastry tubes?
Cavatelli Calzone
Cannoli Calamari
Question 4
In Italian cooking, what are salvio, timo, prezzemolo and basilico?
Types Of Meat Dessert Wines
Regional Cheeses Commonly Used Herbs
Question 5
What is Italian Mascarpone cheese made with?
Goats Milk Garlic
Grapes Cream
Question 6
What pizza dough making technique has become a competitive sport?
One-Handed Rolling Proofing The Dough
Dough Tossing Speed Kneading
Question 7
In Italian cuisine, what sort of sauce is agliata?
Garlic Lemon
Tomato Eggplant
Question 8
Which type of pasta is shaped like a corkscrew?
Fettucine Rotini
Ravioli Angel Hair
Question 9
What is Shoe Fly Pie made from?
Rhubarb Raspberry
Molasses Strawberry
Question 10
Which part of an abalone is edible?
Its Eyes The Floppy Nose
The Shell Its Muscular Foot

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