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10 questions quiz about music
Question 1
A 2000 single from All Saints was entitled Black what?
And White Coffee
Sun Hole
Question 2
A Jack McManus song is entitled Fine Time to Lose what?
Your Watch Your Girlfriend
Your Mind Your Wallet
Question 3
How many BRIT awards did Leona Lewis win in 2008?
Two None
Four Three
Question 4
What BRIT Award did The Corrs win in 1999?
Best New Artist Best Song
Best International Band Best Album
Question 5
What Bob Dylan song does Adele cover on her album 19?
Mr. Tambourine Man It's Getting Dark
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Make You Feel My Love
Question 6
In a 2004 single, the Kaiser Chiefs Predict a what?
Party Win
Riot Recession
Question 7
What was the title of Scooter's 1995 debut album?
5ive We Bring The Noise
...And The Beat Goes On We Bring The Funk
Question 8
In 2007, Robbie Williams was given an Oye! Award for what song?
Angels Forever Texas
Rudebox Radio
Question 9
Who directed the video for Mika's hit song Grace Kelly?
Sophie Muller David Mallet
Gameworks John Sampson
Question 10
What Beth Gibbons song references the Nick Drake song Fruit Tree?
Candy Says Spider Monkey
Tom The Model Sand River

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