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What do you know about science?
Question 1
How do salmon find their way back to their home river to spawn every year?
Sound Of The River Salmon Will Spawn In Any River
They Always Stay Near It Smell Of The River
Question 2
What was the name of the first manned space vehicle?
Titan 1 Sputnik 1
Mercury 1 Vostok 1
Question 3
Near which organ of the body are the adrenal glands situated?
Liver Bladder
Heart Kidneys
Question 4
What are the smallest bones in the body called?
Stirrups Ossicles
Cochleas Anvils
Question 5
What is hyperglycemia?
Blindness Inflammation Of A Bone
Deficiency Of Sugar In Blood Excessive Sugar In Blood
Question 6
What is a hominid?
Flowering Bush An Upright-Walking Primate
Greek Textbook Part Of The Intestine
Question 7
How many stages are there in the life of a mosquito?
4 6
10 1
Question 8
Animals from South America of the genus Pseudalopex have what common name?
Zorro Penguin
Peregrine Falcon Eastern Bluebird
Question 9
What prickly animal has needle-like quills on its body?
Stingray Porcupine
Hammerhead Shark Yellowjacket
Question 10
What is the fastest land animal?
Cheetah Blue Jay
Spectacled Caiman Harvestman

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