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10 questions about science
Question 1
Which shark, second to the Great White, is responsible for the most human deaths?
The Macco The Bull Shark
The Tiger Shark The Blue Shark
Question 2
What are organic compounds in which some of the bonding elements are delocalized?
Alkanoic Derivatives Aromatic Compounds
Halogeno-Alkenes Alkynes
Question 3
What is the only bone in the human body not connected to another bone?
Hyoid Hammer
Stirrup Anvil
Question 4
Which branch of science did young Carl Sagan tell his grandfather he wanted to practice?
Astronomy Astrology
Biology Chemistry
Question 5
To any astronaut, what is an EVA?
Elevated Anxiety Electrovoltometer Accessory
Extravehicular Activity Earth Vacational Activity
Question 6
What radioactive metallic element, found in all uranium ores, has an atomic number of 89?
Uranuim Ytterbium
Praseodymium Actinium
Question 7
What is the name for the boundary around a black hole, beyond which events cannot affect the observer?
Event Turnover Event Horizon
Time Horizon Epicenter
Question 8
Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for which virus in 1954?
Rubella Mumps
Small Pox Polio
Question 9
What bones (left and right) does a cat and a human possess that a dog does not?
Patella (Knee Caps) Hip Bones
Collar Bones Scapula (Shoulder Blades)
Question 10
Which suicidal 19th century chemist has the single line etched on his tombstone S=k log W?
Henry Cavendish Ludwig Boltzmann
Josiah Gibbs James Maxwell

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