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10 questions about movies
Question 1
What band released in 2009 a 3D film version of them in concert?
Jonas Brothers The Police
The Rolling Stones Black Eyed Peas
Question 2
What was the first 3D film, ever to open the Cannes Film Festival?
Avatar Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
Call Of The Wild Up
Question 3
Who starred in A Christmas Carol in 2009 which was released in Imax 3D?
Seth Green Jeff Bridges
Jim Carrey Tom Hanks
Question 4
Ben Affleck and what star made the famous bomb of a movie Gigli?
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Aniston
Mariah Carey Kate Hudson
Question 5
Who provided voice for Dr. Sid in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?
Tom Hanks Donald Sutherland
Alec Baldwin Alec Guiness
Question 6
What is the name of the security system of The Hive in Resident Evil?
The Black Widow The Grey Queen
The Red Queen The Black Queen
Question 7
In Resident Evil, what is the password for the Red Queen's Chamber?
13000 14000
12177 12000
Question 8
What is the name of the town where Dollarhyde lives in Cowboys and Aliens?
Absolution Remission
Remittal Amnesty
Question 9
Which third movie in the Transformers series was released in June of 2011?
Dinobot Attack Starscream's Revenge
Dark of the Moon Revenge of the Fallen
Question 10
Which fourth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released in May of 2011?
At World's End The Curse of the Black Pearl
On Stranger Tides Dead Man's Chest

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