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10 questions about food!
Question 1
In Scotland, what vegetable was traditionally carved into a jack-o-lantern?
Potato Turnip
Eggplant Onion
Question 2
What is the porridge eaten by many Finland residents for the traditional Christmas morning?
Sour Rice
Sweet Plain
Question 3
Brown peas and bacon are traditionally cooked in which country for Christmas morning?
Latvia Poland
Germany Spain
Question 4
In which country is a dry cod-fish traditionally eaten on Christmas morning?
England Spain
Portugal Germany
Question 5
How many pounds of coffee beans will one coffee plant produce in a year?
5 Pounds 6 Pounds
1-2 Pounds 8 Pounds
Question 6
Coffee cultivation began in which century?
The Eighteenth Century The Tenth Century, BC
The Fifteenth Century The Twentieth Century
Question 7
The Yemeni port used to ship coffee in the 15th century gave its name to what chocolatey drink?
Cappuccino Frappacino
Cafe Latte Mocha
Question 8
What is the basic difference between spices and herbs?
Spices Bloom Only At Night Herbs Are Just Leaves And Stems
Herbs Are Annual Plants Spices Are Sweet
Question 9
What is the name of the spice that grows as a tall, tropical green grass with a lemony taste?
Asafetida Lemon Balm
Ginger Lemongrass
Question 10
From which part of the plant is horseradish made?
Root Seed
Flower Leaf

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