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What do you know about movies?
Question 1
In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, British pop star Aldous Snow is shown singing about what?
Plagues And Witches Global Warming
Ghost Hunters The Lollipop Guild
Question 2
What is an alethiometer in The Golden Compass?
Magic Dust Key To The Castle
Time Travel Device A Golden Compass
Question 3
In The Dark Knight who plays DA Harvey Dent?
Gary Oldman Eric Roberts
Aaron Eckhart Christian Bale
Question 4
In Mamma Mia!, who does Meryl Streep play?
Tonya Donna
Sophie Rosie
Question 5
Who does Mike Myers play in The Love Guru?
Rajneesh Pitka
Trent Darren
Question 6
The 2008 movie Twilight is based on a book by what author?
Stephenie Meyer Sarah Strohmeyer
Carla Meyer Anne Rice
Question 7
In the 2008 movie Twilight, what city in the state of Washington does Bella Swan move to?
Bellingham Forks
Seattle Tacoma
Question 8
In Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, who does Larry impersonate?
Janitor Window Washer
Security Guard Curator
Question 9
In Angels and Demons, what organization is Vittoria Vetra from?
Interpol CERN
Question 10
In Zombieland, who does Columbus team up with?
Tampa Chattanooga
Cincinnati Tallahassee

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